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Rivera, Roxie

Zel : Markovic MMA

Zel : Markovic MMA

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To escape a debt owed to the mob, mixed martial artist Zel Tesla agrees to one final match with one of his league's most notorious fighters. If he wins, he'll clear the debts he incurred trying to save his young son's life and earn his freedom. But one chance encounter with a luscious burlesque performer in Vegas threatens all those carefully laid plans... Ten years ago, Sara Contreras fled Houston with the help of her mobbed-up friends. Since barely escaping with her life, she's built a multi-million dollar empire, but she's always looking over her shoulder, wondering if the dark, dangerous secret she left behind in Houston is going to catch up with her. When Sara's past threatens everything Zel has worked so hard to achieve, she has to make a painful choice. She can sacrifice her love for Zel and let him go-or she can fight for him, facing the secret that nearly buried her back in Houston and the loan shark who owns them both.

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