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Tracy Hickman

Wayne of Gotham : A Novel

Wayne of Gotham : A Novel

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Written in a noir-style, "Wayne of Gotham" is set both in the present and in the turbulent decades of the 1950's and 1960's: a time of paranoia, protests, HUAC, corrupt police and even more corrupt politicians, utopian idealism, assassination, civil unrest and the Vietnam War. "Wayne of Gotham" is the story two men separated by a generation of tragedy: Thomas, the rebellious heir to the vast Wayne Empire and Bruce, his son whose life is forever altered by witnessing Thomas' death. The murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne is the torturous point on which Bruce turns to become the Batman. The Dark Knight's file on the case has long since been closed, the foundations of Bruce Wayne's secret life secure in the simple symmetry of a mugging gone horribly wrong. These foundations are shaken, however, when disturbing bits of information begin showing up in the Batman's path that question the accepted story. Batman reopens the case file-and discovers a father and mother that he never knew and the burden of a dark legacy he must now bear.

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