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Lyndsay Faye

The Gods of Gotham

The Gods of Gotham

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'Spectacular' Gillian Flynn. GODS OF GOTHAM is the fantastic first novel
in Lyndsay Faye's Edgar Award-nominated series, for fans of Andrew
Taylor and Antonia Hodgson's The Devil in the Marshalsea.

August 1845 in New York; enter the dark, unforgiving city underworld of the legendary Five Points...

After a fire decimates a swathe of lower Manhattan,
and following years of passionate political dispute, New York City at
long last forms an official Police Department. That same summer, the
great potato famine hits Ireland. These events will change the city of
New York for ever.

Timothy Wilde hadn't wanted to be a copper star. On
the night of August 21st, on his way home from the Tombs defeated and
disgusted, he is plotting his resignation, when a young girl who has
escaped from a nearby brothel, crashes into him; she wears only a
nightdress and is covered from head to toe in blood. Searching out the
truth in the child's wild stories, Timothy soon finds himself on the
trail of a brutal killer, seemingly hell bent on fanning the flames of
anti-Irish immigrant sentiment and threatening chaos in a city already
in the midst of social upheaval. But his fight for justice could cost
him the woman he loves, his brother and ultimately his life...

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