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Graff, Andrew J.

Raft of Stars

Raft of Stars

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The further you run the closer you get to the truth...

An instant classic for fans of Where the Crawdads Sing and We Begin at the End!

'One of the finest debut novels to emerge so far in 2021' Sunday Post

One summer night in Wisconsin, the lives of two ten-year-old boys are changed forever...

of seeing his best friend Dale Breadwin abused by his alcoholic father,
Fischer Branson takes action. A gunshot rings out, and Bread and Fish
flee into the woods. They build a raft, but the river quickly leads them
into even greater danger.

In their wake travel a group of adults - each determined to save the boys from the terrors of Ironsford Gorge.

further they go, the more the wilderness starts to change them in
profound and unexpected ways. And when they reach the edge of the Gorge
itself, they begin to understand the true violence and beauty of the
natural world, and its ability to heal.

No matter where you run danger will always follow...

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