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St Pierre, Erin - White, Gwynn

Queen of Extinction : A Dark Sleeping Beauty Fairytale Retelling

Queen of Extinction : A Dark Sleeping Beauty Fairytale Retelling

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In Ryferia, magic is banned, and those who have powers suffer terrible consequences.

Princess Aurora knows her uncle murdered her brother, the king-- yet she's unable to prove it. Though she's the rightful heir, she cannot claim the throne unmarried. Aurora has thirty days to find a husband. Otherwise, the crown will be forfeited to her uncle, and her kingdom will fall.

A deadly trial will be waged, where the winner will claim the right to Aurora's hand. Two contenders, a mysterious dragon shifter and a power-hungry incubus, have emerged as the top competitors. Both want Aurora for reasons that are entirely sinister. It's a fight to the death--and it might just be Aurora's. But Aurora has forbidden magic... and if she is discovered, the people might slay her themselves before a wedding arrives.

Aurora will conquer her throne-- even if it means unleashing her forbidden magic in her kingdom.

Dark and bewitching, QUEEN OF EXTINCTION is the start of an unputdownable YA epic fantasy with a powerful and strong heroine at the helm. Fans of Sarah J. Maas and Tamora Pierce will become addicted to this series! One-click to begin the romance today!

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