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Just a little bit

Just a little bit

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How many times you had to push your personal appointments and re-schedule your holidays because of others? How many times were you too shy to say ‘No’ when you needed? How many times did you suppress your emotions because of others and held it within yourself?

In this book you will understand that you are not required to postpone your privet time, nor to keep saying ‘Yes’ when you actually want to say ‘No’ and neither you need to suffer from suppressing your feelings anymore. This book will take you through a part of my journey, some glances of my life experience and the lessons I learned in the past almost 4 years to teach you step by step about ME TIME concept. At the same time, I will also be sharing with you some examples of what represents ME Time. Finally, you will be able to figure out what is supposed to be your true priority number one in your life and what to do in order to keep it in that way.

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