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Giampaolo, Joe

Hampshire Stories : A Collection of Tales Set in 19th Century England

Hampshire Stories : A Collection of Tales Set in 19th Century England

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"Hampshire Stories by Joe Giampaolo is a stellar collection of short stories!"
--Literary Titan, 2020

Hampshire Stories is an award-winning collection of short stories set in nineteenth-century England. This compilation was written with the greatest attention to historical accuracy and is recommended for readers who enjoy charming love stories and poignant dramas of the Regency and Victorian periods.

*Revised May 2021 - Annotated Edition -

- Gold Medal, Literary Titan 2020 Book Awards
- Bronze Medal, Historical Romance, 2022 Global Book Awards
- An Amazon Top 100 Bestseller (USA, Canada and Italy, in several categories)

Please note that a deluxe edition of the first three volumes in the Hampshire Stories Series is available on Amazon (The Hampshire Stories Series, Deluxe Edition, Volumes I, II & III - Hardcover, illustrated).

Editorial Reviews of the Hampshire Stories Series - Excerpts:

★★★★★ (Hampshire Stories: A Collection of Tales Set in 19th-Century England)
"Hampshire Stories by Joe Giampaolo is a stellar collection of short stories!... These are stories of pure delight and feature a lovable cast of characters... Let me start by praising Giampaolo's immense gift for creating historically accurate dialogue... Giampaolo's writing is reminiscent of Jane Austen and Elizabeth Gaskell... He even leaves endnotes for every story that helps inform you of slang and traditions of the time."
--Literary Titan, 2020

★★★★★ (The Farmer's Daughter, A Regency Romance)
"This well-written romance novel had me hooked from the very first page. Joe Giampaolo has created a page-turning story that had me hoping for a happy ending from the second the main characters were introduced to me... The writing is so descriptive and that makes it easy for you to imagine the scenes clearly in your head... Joe Giampaolo has amazing writing talent and I hope to see more of his work."
--Readers' Favorite, 2021

★★★★★ (The Farmer's Daughter, A Regency Romance)
"Mr. Giampaolo has a clear grasp of painting a story within your mind with his carefully curated words... His writing conveys an old-world charm, an uncontrived elegance wherein he is very much in control of the tone and style of his writing... Overall, this regency romance novel is elegant, meticulously crafted and an absolute joy to read. I consider it a rare jewel in its genre."
--Mary-Lisa Russo, Author of Excerpts from the Wandering Mind, 2021

★★★★ (The Master of Emmet Manor, A Regency Romance)
"The Master of Emmet Manor, A Regency Romance is a delightfully approachable romance that will transport readers to a different era. Overflowing with enchanting nuances from the period, Joe Giampaolo's unfussy writing style manages to remain accessible... a delightful story brimming with sophistication and charm."
-- Indies Today, 2022

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