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Johnson, Trey

Digital Logic RTL & Verilog Interview Questions

Digital Logic RTL & Verilog Interview Questions

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Are you ready for your job interview? This book is a perfect study guide for digital design engineers or college students who want to practice real digital logic and RTL questions. The questions were put together first hand by a professional engineer based upon his own job search with top tier semiconductor companies. A wide range of information and topics are covered, including: RTL Verilog coding syntax, RTL Logic Design (including low power RTL design principles), clocking and reset circuits, clock domain crossing questions, digital design fundamentals, and logical thinking questions. The book contains over 50 digital interview questions, 41 figures and drawings, and 28 practical Verilog code examples, and is a perfect tool to help you succeed on your interview. By the end of this book, you will have the insight and knowledge of the types of digital design interview questions being asked in the field of semiconductor digital design today.

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