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CS Martenson

The Boy and the Wolverine

The Boy and the Wolverine

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The Boy and the Wolverine is an emotional adventure of a young boy and his grandfather who share a passion for the outdoors. The grandfather has a deep love for his grandson, imparting his wisdom of the forests, mountains and wildlife gained from many years as a hunting guide in far-northern Alaska. Every experience the two share becomes a learning opportunity for the grandfather to teach his grandson through his back-country experience and wise counsel. Their learning experience increases when they rescue a critically injured wolverine and begin to descend through the mountain forest to the village below. The grandfather discovers they are being stalked and pursued by a ferocious pack of predatory wolves who savaged the wolverine's family, leaving him critically wounded.

Forced by a winter storm, the two take refuge from the wolves atop the pinnacle, where the grandfather's skill is pitted against the predators to protect himself and his beloved grandson.

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