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Yasser Abdulaziz Al-Orainan

The Ambassador of Disasters

The Ambassador of Disasters

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I have always been impressed by formal forums, protocols, international representation, and official states' uniforms. I have full conviction that every culture has the right to be represented and to have its message conveyed across the globe. I believe that the best representation of any country is the person who full-heartedly wishes to do so, with complete devotion and love of what they do. Their only motive is their pride in their country, their belief in their message, and their comprehension of the importance of such duty. Consequently, my spontaneous answer was, as you would have predicted, that I will become an ambassador. Silence enveloped the place, and then shortly, was followed by whispers and mutters. Students' loud laughter prevailed in the place, giving the impression that they have full knowledge, based on comprehensive and extensive research studies about all the obstacles that may prevent me from achieving my ambition or its requirements, and about the impossibility of achieving my dream. Anyone who sees them would think that they already know the unseen, and are certain of the impossibility of achieving this dream and its requirements. I was under the impression that I told them that I aspire to solely make my own spaceship and travel through galaxies or to travel through time somehow.

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